Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nurse Cupcakes by Cupcakes - a - Go - Go

These nurse cupcakes are from Cupcakes-a-Go-Go. Get ordering information for their cupcakes at cupcakes-a-gogo.com.

 I have great respect for nurses. I am a psychiatric social worker and I work in a psychiatric hospital. I have had the privilege to work with great psych nurses and I have learned so much from them. They go through intensive education and training and in my view they are often underappreciated. They often have as much knowledge as doctors but their job also includes grunt work. If you meet a nurse you are going to want to shake their hand because they are rockstars.

The only complaint I have about these cupcakes is that they feature only women. Men are nurses too!


  1. What a great post!! We totally agree - we were very proud to make these cupcakes for a new nursing graduate. Thank you SO much for sharing this on your blog!!

  2. Thanks for visiting! I'm happy to post about great cupcakes! Keep up the good work!

    ~Lady J