Sunday, April 8, 2012

Consider it Fun Dress

New purchase for me. This dress is a bit of branching out for me. My styles range quite a bit. 40s vintage is what I adore, but I also embrace casual. My "casual" is often what I call "quirky girlie." For me this entails food themed necklaces and rings (i.e. cupcakes, sandwiches, breakfast foods, cake, ice cream, salads etc.). Perhaps a food themed shirt paired with jeans. I also enjoy quasi-hippie styles or sometimes Indian themed wear.

The below dress has a casual air of hippie and informal Indian garb.

This is a white cotten dress with a paisley floral print.

The print has a busyness about it that I like. There's a lot going on here, but it's not overwhelming.

At the bottom is a ruffled hem. I dislike ruffeled hems, but it appears that this one does not pout too much.

The back of the dress can be bow tied with the attached fabric laces.

To learn more about this dress, visit Modcloth.

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