Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lace & Petticoats

Don't ask me how I found this but it has found its way to my blog. Why? Weeeelll; why not? I've found Harajuku street fashion fascinating for many a moon. "Street fashion" in many ways is "street art." And how could I resist women who adore cupcakes and tea?

Lace & Petticoats

A short documentary on Lolita fashion and subculture in Brisbane. 2010. Third Year BFA Film/TV Documentary Assessment.

Written & Directed by Goldie Soetianto (vysanthe)
Produced by Kasia Rymar
Cinematography by Ethan Waghorn
Sound by Elliot Ryan (technotropism)
Editing by Felicity-Rose Priddle & Elliot Ryan
Original Score by Sara Hayward
Animation by Clancy Coe

Spanish subtitles by TheBowsCafe

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