Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kombucha On My Calendar

Welp, I'm back on the Kombucha. I'm making an effort to drink one per day. Each day that I consume one bottle of Kombucha tea, I will place a mark on my calendar. I'm conducting this mini/informal experiment to examine how it makes me feel as I drink it on a consistent basis; with no interruption.

There's a lot that's been said about Kombucha tea in recent years. Some refer to it as a miracle elixir and some think it has no benefits. One thing is certain; there hasn't been a heck of a lot of research on the subject.

In the past I've read various vague articles which claim that what little medical research exists, comes from Germany and Russia. Research within the United States is even more limited.

Even so, you'll see claims that Kombucha can assist with symptoms of cancer; AIDS; arthritis; constipation; obesity; arteriosclerosis; hair growth; blood pressure; cholesterol; liver function; joint inflammation and so much more.

In fact the founder of GT's Kombucha has stated that his motivation for producing the tea stems from his mother's battle with breast cancer.

On the GT website, Laraine Dave shares her story.

 "In 1995, I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, known for moving quickly to the lymph nodes and bones, and based on the size of the tumor (almost that of a golf ball) doctors could not even give me a year to live. I was tested again a week later, and to everyone's surprise, my cancerous cells had not metastasized. My physicians asked me if I was doing anything special. "Drinking Kombucha everyday" I replied, since it really was the only thing different that I had been consuming over the last several years. Up to this point I had been drinking it as kind of a beauty aid, but now decided that it was time to look into this "miracle drink." That is when I discovered numerous books and stories about Kombucha and a healing tradition that spanned centuries and cultures."

To read more visit the website to read Laraine Dave's Story.

I've tried various Kombucha teas and GT's is the only brand I enjoy. It is actually the very first I tried. I first spied Kombucha approximately six ago. I found a guava flavored tea that excited me. I had never come across a guava flavored tea and I couldn't wait to try it. I loved the glass bottle and the packaging and had hoped that it wasn't just the commercial marketing of the product that would maintain my interest.

I took one sip and with that sip my body shivered. It was terrible. I kept it in my fridge in hopes that I might tackle it again. I never touched it again. I found the tea a year later and decided to give it another try. I drank half the bottle and gave it up. It is a fermented tea which has a vinegary taste. It's definitely a sip sip drink. Not one that you can chug.

Now that I'm drinking it more consistently I find it easier to consume. I feel that I am doing something good for myself each time I drink it. I don't know if it will assist with the things I need but I do believe that at the very least I am cleansing myself of toxins. Drinking water can flush out our system and I do drink plenty of water. I am curious if I will experience any of the miracles that so many seem to benefit from.


Within the pages of the 1995 text; Kombucha Phenomenon; The Health Drink Sweeping America; are various personal stories of individuals who have experienced positive results with the drink.

I'm not one to believe everything I read, so I don't know how much truth there is here. One example story from the book is as follows:

Mesa, Arizona

"I am living with AIDS. For the last four years I have been challenged with the most severe eosinophilic folliculitis, primarily on my arms and legs. Five dermatologists, "boo-coo" bucks, no relief. I started Kombucha in mid November.

Today, my arms are totally healed and the legs are coming along nicely. I'm so happy not to be covered with scabs and sores. it seems my mental health has also improved, a state of well being. My art has taken a playful attitude. 

This is a magical gift from God and I treasure my "buchees." not only surviving with AIDS - but thriving with AIDS."

Stories are great, proof is better. So, here I am setting on my wee venture. 

For more information on GT Kombucha, visit the official website, here.

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