Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eden Woods

When it comes to this little girl; I imagine there's not much I can say would be considered fresh and new. I had never heard of this pageant winner until tonight. Her name is Eden Wood.

Pageant mom's often get a bad rap and rightfully so. I don't understand the appeal of taking a small child and creating an adult like aesthetic.

Heavy make up and air brushing makes Wood looks like a doll. I think that's the point.

I can't speak to how Woods feels about her "profession", but I can't help but think that she is growing up with the idea that looks are what matter most.

 A child needs to enjoy being a child. This pucker is not a childlike.

The potential for harm is high. What if she feels like she is a not as pretty when she is not in full makeup? What if she thinks she is not worthy unless there is an audience praising her? What if she feels like success is measured by how young she can look? What if what if what if..

Here Woods asks contestants how long it takes them to get ready and if they have any makeup tips. The children answer the questions like children. Woods has the misguided confidence of a diva.

There is no craft to pageantry that I can see. I see individuals becoming doing their best to be what others want them to be.

She doesn't know how to answer questions but is doing her best to be as vibrant as she can. She's a prop; a puppet and my heart goes out to her.

Woods has her own website which features her touring schedule and her music for sale. She's becoming a brandname all at the urging of her mother. I call that abuse.


  1. Eden wood has full understanding of what she does in the world of pageantry, if you want to pick on a young child and her family then you should find somebody else as she has not done anything to you.

    1. Tamara,
      Thanks for your feedback. We certainly disagree here. I'm looking at the date of this post & although it was written not that long ago, I think it's written a bit too simply. Even so, my point is still in there somewhere.

      I'm not sure if you know Eden Wood personally; I certainly don't. I think it is impossible to know just how much she understands.

      My goal is certainly not to "pick" on anyone but rather I am speaking critically to societal pressures. I think this is appropriate.

      The questions I posed in the post are important questions & I believe it is irresponsible to ignore them.

      Wearing this much makeup & competing for the acknowledgement of beauty over another is not natural, it is taught.

      From a very young age, females are taught to decorate their bodies. Women are told that worth is measured by aesthetics.

      Earlier I asked if you knew Eden Wood. I ask because you seem to take my words very personally. You said; "She has not done anything to you." Understand that the opinions expressed here have nothing to do with her.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tamara; thank you for your opinion.