Saturday, April 7, 2012

sparkley cupcake soap by AJ Sweet Soap

Pretty cupcake soap by AJ Sweet Soap on etsy. Bold and pastel colors. A great combo. Glitter makes most things better; so that excites me too.

The website describes this item this way: "We start with our newest cupcake soap designed with Mom in mind - a yellow cake topped with rich, raspberry-pink buttercream frosting, glitter and a beautiful lavender rose. Deliciously-frangranced with our Goji Berry oil. As part of our beautiful packaging, we're including a beautiful glass lampwork heart that she's sure to love for many, many years to come! The perfect gift set for that extra-special lady!"

The rainbow glass heart keepsake is amazing. I think I want that more than the soap piece. I imagine that it will feel nice in my hand. Something sacred to squeeze.

The soap is vegan and carefully crafted.

I don't celebrate the Hallmark Card holiday that is Mother's Day, but this can be enjoyed for any occasion or reason. Purchase this item for $10.75. Visit the etsy page to view other soapy treats!

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