Thursday, November 3, 2011

1997 Ani Difranco concert at Tinley Park, Illinois

THANK YOU to YouTube user Francoapple for posting this! Francoapple posts the greatest live Ani Difranco footage and I am incredibly greatful for this gem.

I've heard many of the songs from this 1997 concert when I downloaded them from Napster many moons ago. Although all of these songs are good, my favorite are surprisingly the two covers. Difranco sings Most of the Time by Bob Dylan and Do Re Mi by Woodie Guthrie. In fact, I find Difranco's rendition of Most of the Time is better than Dylan's original. No disrepsect to the King of Folk.

For those of you who miss the company of Andy Stochansky, this footage will be a real treat. The year of this show takes place in 1997, so Stochansky is still on the bill.


Ani Difranco Concert - 8/28/1997 - New World Music Theater - Tinley Park, Illinois - Opening for Bob Dylan 

00:00 Little Plastic Castle
03:52 Untouchable Face
08:03 Gravel
11:50 Every State Line
15:38 Anticipate
21:30 Letter To A John/The Slant
28:30 Dilate
33:00 Most Of The Time(by Bob Dylan)
37:38 Do Re Mi(by Woody Guthrie)
41:13 Cradle And All
45:05 Shameless
51:40 In Or Out
57:10 Loom(cut)

For more information on Ani Difranco visit the official website, here.

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